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Ahad, 12 Disember 2010

Our Choral Speaking Competition represented by Smk Wira Penrissen in Sibu,Sarawak 2008 ...

   Sibu, an unforgettable experience. That was the first time I went for an outing with my friends outside of Kuching. We were there to represent Samarahan Division for the "Choral Speaking" competition at SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu.

   We departed from our school at 7.30 a.m. on the 23rd of June 2008. We were ver excited. Many of us including me, brought big luggages. There were thirty three students and three teachers on the trip. During the journey, we stopped at the "Rest and Stop" Sarikei for lunch. We arrived in Sibu at 3.30 p.m.

   We went straight to SMK Sacred Heart for the briefing. Then, we went to the hotel. There were supposed to be four people to each room but we preferred to be with our friends, so there were seven people to one room! The hotel was good. There were an air-conditioner and a shower in aech room. The best part of all us was we could buy ice-cream when we were hungry at the Sugarbun found near our hotel. That night, we went shopping at the Premier Shopping Complex and the night market.

   The next day, we went to SMK Sacred Heart to watch the primary school choral speaking competition and had our rehearsal for secondary sschool level. After the rehearsal, we went to the largest shopping centre in Sibu, Sanyan shopping centre. It consisted of many shops and boutiques.

   That night, we practiced for our "Choral Speaking" competition for an hour only. The next day, on the competition day, we practiced for the last time outside the hall. There were many students from other divisions such as Miri, Kuching, Limbang, Sarikei, Betong and many more.

   The first school to present their choral speaking was from Miri and we were the seconf school. After all participants had performed, we had a break for twenty minutes.

   After the break, the result were announced. The third place went to Bintulu Division, the second place went to the Kuching Division and the champion was won by the Miri Division. Although we did not win any prizes, we had the oppurtunity to travel to a new place and gained valuable experience. We departed from Sibu at 12.30 p.m. and arrived at 8.00 p.m. in our school, where our parents and relatives had waited patiently to pick up us. What an unforgettable moment ! ! !

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